Thursday, 01 March 2012 12:00

Cancer Screening Information

I apologize in advance that this Reflection may seem more like a Rant! (It won’t be the last …) 

I happened to catch a segment on Channel 11 called “GetHealthyTexas”. The discussion was centered on colon health, colonoscopy procedures, and colon cancer. The guest was a local gastrointestinal doctor.

Toward the end of the segment, the show host asked the doctor about preventing colon cancer. And the doctor responded with “Well we can’t really prevent colon cancer which is why screening is so important”. REALLY?!! This kind of stuff just drives me absolutely bonkers! And it is why I continue to lose faith with the system that is training our doctors and establishing the parameters of how they practice medicine.

Colon cancer is one of the cancers that is MOST preventable by following a healthy diet: lots of fruits and vegetables, fiber, avoiding processed meats, and consuming good fats. There is clinical research to prove this. I am not against screening but I do think that it is irresponsible for this doctor, being presented as an expert, to not even mention proper nutrition and the significant role it can play in preventing cancer.